Property Protection

Milk Contamination & Leakage
Milk can become contaminated in several ways. For example, medicine you give your livestock can lead toward contamination. You also can lose milk inventory if one of your tanks suddenly springs a leak. When these incidents happen, this endorsement covers your lost or damaged milk, up to $10,000.

Raw Milk Insurance Coverage
Recently it has become very difficult for dairy farms to obtain Liability coverage for the sale of Raw Milk. I have that coverage available. The biggest challenge for the farmer to understand is that the Insurance company sometimes has more rules than the state does to qualify for this coverage. It also goes the other way too, the state has more stringent rules in some cases. Regardless, it only takes about 20 minutes to see if you can qualify for coverage. It is NOT very expensive to add to a policy either. If sales of raw milk are in the $5000/year range, the cost is only a couple hundred dollars to protect yourself from a claim.

Don’t hesitate to call and see if you can qualify for coverage!! It only takes a little time to learn.

Temperature-Sensitive Property
Spoilage is a hazard to your refrigerated products and supplies, such as your medicines, milk inventory, and genetic reproduction supplies. When an electrical interruption or mechanical or electrical breakdown of a refrigeration system causes spoilage, this endorsement provides coverage.

Peak Season
When your inventory of feed and grain fluctuates significantly, you may need to adjust your insurance limits accordingly. You can increase your limits for specified items, at specific locations, and for a specific period of time with this endorsement.

Increased Stack Limits for Hay, Straw, and Fodder
$100,000 for hay and $25,000 for straw and fodder. You can increase these limits to meet your needs with this endorsement.

Business Income Protection

Extra Expense
If your building or equipment is damaged, you may need to rent another to continue your operations until your is repaired. This endorsement covers these extra expenses after a covered loss. And you can select limits that best meet your needs.

Disruption of Farming Operations
This endorsement covers your extra expenses plus your business income losses. A business income loss is the profit you lose when you cannot resume your dairy operations due to a covered loss to your buildings or equipment.

Liability Protection

Spoiled Dairy Farm Products of Others
If your milk product is spoiled, it can also damage the milk products of others mixed or commingled with it. This endorsement covers damage to the dairy products of others from such instances.

Farm Chemical Application
When you apply ag chemicals to your crops, those chemicals can drift and cause damage to the land of others. You receive up to $25,000 for such incidents when chemicals are applied by means other than an aircraft. You can increase this limit up to $100,000 by endorsement. Ask your agent to discuss other pollution endorsements that may be available in your state.

Package Coverage Option
You also can select several of these important coverages in one convenient endorsement. This means additional savings for you over purchasing these coverages separately. This package includes:

  • Increased Stack Limits for Hay, Straw, and Fodder: $50,000 per occurrence
  • Temperature-Sensitive Property: $10,000 per insured premises
  • Milk Contamination & Leakage: $10,000 with no deductible
  • Livestock Theft: $1,000 per head and $5,000 per occurrence
  • Livestock Collision: Actual cash value, up to $2,000 per head
  • Extra Expense: $10,000 per occurrence
  • Spoiled Dairy Farm Product of Others: Up to your liability limits


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